But even b4 we pick up a fight, its 2359hrs. Time is flying, ain’t no passport needed, you can’t see the next day that’s similar to missin’ a flight. You ain’t superstitious but believe in ghosts. I met Watts and Flex and truly I’ve rolled dope the most. Whichever the cost, like a small child I believed in this miracle, enough faith to keep my hope. Got a hustler’s mind, smoking you doesn’t mean I’m kind, flash to the sewer those fears to which you think your fate is inclined. Funny how a nigga can swear 25 to life but still disrespect that lady who with loyalty always acts like a wife. I’m scared with the sudden rush, my adrenaline shoots up everytime my crush shows up..


Some shanty thoughts, pouring down as rain to a little dusty town named Juja. I’m gutted, it now looks like little Cuba. My only wish is that I never started. Blow after blow the shift fit. Stay up feet, not punchin’ the air to make strong your fist. Gangster shit got these crews think they thuggin’, and to them it sound disgusting, saying em words ‘I love you’. Petty, huh? I know a brother who is saying that for you. I wish I could, narrate to my boys in the hood, without being misunderstood. In every dream lies every good. Pretty?? Bitches want an intelligent thug, same way we niggas want a praying stripper..

Lights. Dusty deeds.

I forbid my walls to let me alone in love business coz they dumb. I’m yet to see one hu won’t let me turn off the lights. But that changed on my night off. This woman was strapped. Beads on her neck, waist, wrist n’ ankle. One on her leg got her entangled with her uncle. Nothing on my drawer. I might just assume this ain’t poison. But if it is, I bet its an adventure worth dying for. Coz everything falls down on my call. I bet that’s the toughest of all being a Man. I just press OK n’ launch the missile. Spread it like murcielago door. I didn’t know legs were these flexible as the wings to a butterfly. I dig deep like some gold lies beneath. It gets me closer to God…

Out There

Hit with love apartheid we keep separated. Somethin did happen. Not always but its so a lock 2 have one key. I’m I doing this again? Fucking beats up like Tay Keith writing another recipe. Fall should be love seasoned and it just came. I’m jealous as the bank get over that money home in the safe. Mama used to tell me don’t be late to get home coz thiz streets ain’t safe. Guess I got tough over time. So reckless on her safe days. With my flower off the club. Drunk n’ staggering few minutes 2 midnight. Tracking my crib with my better rib dodging gettin torn withe bright..


Wrote this coz I was in love. The speed was terrific. An athlete would av sprint for gold. But I did sprint 2 have her. Somewhere her heart turned cold, I lost my lover. I’m on a new level of dark fantasy. Its a new day. I’m beating eggs in milk 2 cub ma last night whiskey. From a distance I can still feel it honking. A past where sometimes I ghost in. I’ve been wilding to know hu she’s augusting. 50 50 on the triple beam just to engage hu been disgusting. Just years down we said we would get to discuss this. But it is easier said than done. Breakup the outcome it turned out like this. Like a two way traffic we sitting parallel…